What Red Light?

Some idiots fail to understand stop lights, fortunately I had the power to get past before he got into my lane.

What Red Light?

The white car probably just made the amber, the car and caravan must have crossed on red, and as for the VW, he was on another planet.

The front camera angle isn’t wide enough to see the VW, fortunately I always look for traffic from the side, but he came up very quick.

Stupid Move by Cyclist

The moment a cyclist made a stupid move that could have ended up very differently. Its a good job Rob was taking it easy round the junction and delayed accelerating. Had Rob powered on earlier, with vision restricted by helmet, inertia of the motorbike, reaction time to drop the power and apply the brakes, the cyclist would have been under the motorbike.

Stupid Cyclist

Needless to say, he got a few choice words from Rob!

Video courtesy of OldBikers.

The Peak District

A great ride into the peak district, just two of us this time. Breakfast at Woodside, Coffee at The Old Forge, Monyash, then onto The Bear Inn for a pint.

The Bear Inn
A pint at The Bear Inn

Back on the road

Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe

Back on the road with a Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe. The cruiser style is perfect for the not so perfect knee. The forward controls are a bit different, but OK just a bit of adjustment required. Happy days.

Bike Changes

It’s all change on the bike front. The Himalayan and the Interceptor are up for sale. These are being replaced by a Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe.

The knee replacement as not gone as well as hoped so the Royal Enfield’s are being replaced by a cruiser style bike in order to keep on the road during the next few months.

The Versys is staying and hopefully this will be back out in a few weeks.