Advanced Rider Training

A review of the Advanced Rider Training program with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, (IAM).

After many years of riding I decided to enrol for an Advanced Rider Course.
Much like taking my First Class Diver qualification the premise was ‘you think you are good at it, now prove it’, and as with all these types of courses and exams, you will learn something from it.

I chose IAM only for the fact I knew a couple of riders in the local branch.

Initial Observed Ride. Well I did say I would learn from it, and I certainly did. I had a trainee observer and his instructor, which was actually quite good, I got to see things from a couple of angles. Did I do well? not really, not knowing what to expect I was too cautious in some areas, out of position, and a little too close to parked cars. Its quite difficult when you are aware of riders following you, and not knowing what they expect. I did gain plenty from the session though, with plenty to work on over the next couple of weeks.

I did get the impression that speed was the key, though they call it making progress. I was too slow through the bends, and out of position, did not accelerate up to the speed limit fast enough.

1 (Commended) = 4 areas, 2 (Satisfactory) = 5 areas, 3 (Requires Development) = 21 areas.

Second Observed Ride. This session was just with the main Observer. After riding a few practice sessions, my riding started to improve towards what they where looking for, a better run for me with an improvement in quite a few areas. Up to speed a bit quicker, better positioning for the bends and quicker through the bends.

1 = 9, 2 = 10, 3 = 11.

Third Observed Ride. Back to both Observer and Trainee Observer. Further improvements, but with a couple of cock up’s. I thought I had gone onto a dual carriage way, but I hadn’t. Moved too far over with parked cars on the opposite side of the road, allowing an oncoming vehicle to pull out and squeeze through.

1 = 11, 2 = 15, 3 = 5.

Log to Date

July 2023

July 09, Signed up online, and paid my £175.

July 10, Group Allocated and confirmation email received. Attached PDF stated a welcome pack, which would include a logbook, would be received within 7-10 days.

July 11, Welcome email received from Local Group, asking for further information, and to inform them when the logbook arrived, they would then allocate an observer.

July 24, Email sent to IAM stating the logbook had not yet been received and asking what was happening.
Automated response “We are currently experiencing high volumes of calls and emails and we will respond as soon as possible”. This appears to be the standard response from organisations that can’t be bothered to sort out problems.

July 26, no logbook. Received a call from an Observer with the local branch with an offer to to do my initial ride on the 27th, accepted.

July 27, Initial Observed Ride.

August 2023

August 10, First Observed Ride.

August 24, Second Observed Ride.