Pit Run

Took a spin round some of the old local colliery towns during October, more for nostalgic reasons than anything.

Having spent plenty of my childhood days around Linby, Annesley, and Hucknal, I just felt the need to take a spin round some of the old Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire colliery towns. My ancestors and relations on my mothers side dating back into the 1700’s were miners around Derbyshire, Leicestershire and later Nottinghamshire.

Clipstone Colliery Pit Head

The Pit Head at Clipstone still stands quite majestic, and I think is listed. There is not much left to see of the other collieries, which is understandable but still a bit sad that a massive part of local history has faded. Fortunately I managed to organise a tour of Newstead Colliery back in the 1970’s, it was quite an experience.

Collieries aside, the area north of Nottingham is a really nice place to ride, as long as you stay as much as possible of the A Roads.

Of course the ride ended at the pub to meet up with the Old Bikers, though they were not out for ride that day.

I will do it again sometime and take the camera.

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