Gerbing Heated Socks

Not working as they should

Element differential

The images below show the differential in the heating elements in the first pair of heated socks supplied.

Infrared Image just after switching on

The resistance of the left sock in the image is 11.7 ohms, drawing around 1.02 amps, and staying on constantly. The right hand sock in the image has a resistance of 6.4 ohms, drawing around 1.85 amps. The size of the element wire looks to be the same, so this shows the element is around 50% shorter in the sock on the right, a physical inspection confirms this, as does the image. This sock also switches off after a short period as shown in the image below. Gerbing state that the current draw of a pair of heated socks is around 2.2 amps, with this pair it is almost 3 amps.

Infrared Image after a couple of minutes.
Infrared Image showing quite a difference in temperature

This differential in temperature is really noticeable and quite distracting when one stays on and the other switches off.

Another pair ordered to replace this dodgy pair, these will be sent back for credit.

Update following the receipt of the replacement pair:-

The replacement pair were the next size up as the original size was not available. These turned out to be a little more comfortable being just a bit larger. They performed well, the elements equal in both socks starting over the top of the foot and wrapping around the toes to underneath. Worn with sock liners they were quite comfortable, though you wouldn’t want to go hiking in them. The temperature was OK connected to the trousers and regulated by the controller.