Drivepro Tracker

Drivepro Self Install Tracker.

Two trackers where ordered, one for each bike. The normal cost is around £39.99 each, but Amazon had some factory refurbished units for £15.99 each, so basically two for the price of one.


Unit One

The first unit was installed onto the Himalayan. The 12 volt supply cables were spliced into an existing feed, just to make life a bit easier, and post fuse for a bit of protection.

This tracker found the satellites quite quickly. The unit had to be activated via the web site, no real hassle.

The location was not that accurate to start with, but the following morning after running the bike outside for a few minutes it was allot more precise.

Unit Two

The second unit was fitted to the Interceptor, this was a bit trickier than the Himalayan as the battery is more difficult to get at.

This unit took an age to find the satellites, and the following morning lost them and did not reconnect until the following day. That was despite running the bike outside with covers removed and the unit exposed to an open sky. Suffice to say it was returned to Amazon for a refund and another unit ordered.


Following the short free period you need to subscribe to DrivePro to keep the trackers active. There are three options, very basic, basic and a bit more than basic. The basic option was chosen at around £5 per month. The basic subscription updates a little less but allows you to keep a reasonable track of the bike. It can be set to alert you to unauthorised movement, entering or exiting an area, (geofencing), and low battery. You can also get some feedback on your riding and trips.

Positioning is reasonably accurate, but they do appear to jump around a bit when in the garage, maybe they loose sight of the satellites and then find them again.

For the price of the units and subscription you get some peace of mind your bikes are where they should be.