Day Running Lights

BikeVis Bullet Lights

Day running lights help others to see you. Whilst most of us ride with our headlight on this apparently may not be enough to been seen clearly.

There is some philosophy that suggests its difficult to make out distance and speed with a single light, a triangle of light is said to be much more noticeable. Also a pulsating light is also said to be more noticeable.

The problem is flashing or pulsating lights along with blue lights are reserved for emergency vehicles. BikeVis use an electronic unit that causes the lights to ‘glint’ and not flash, 92.5% on and 7.5% off. This glinting effect allegedly helps others see you better.

These Bullet Lights are very small but quite powerful.

I have also fitted red bullet lights to the rear, obviously these do not have a modulator fitted to them. However they do have another electronic unit that increases the intensity on braking.