Vango Discovery 3, and Vango Explorer 250.

This is my 30 year old Vango Dome Tent, still in good condition, the tarp is added for extra weather protection.

This tent works well, but does have limited space for storing the kit once off the bike. It is also quite low to get in and out of and nowhere to sit if the weather turns unfavourable.

Rob was using a Vango Explorer 250 Tunnel tent, this had more storage space, and room to sit.

The dome tent does not pack down quite so small, especially the poles. The poles, outer and inner tent were all packed separately, this helped get it all in the roll bag.

New Tent

A new addition is a Vango Omega 350 Tunnel Tent. Just slightly bigger than the explorer 250, but the same style. Hopefully this should cure the lack of kit storage problem, and provide extra an extra sitting area.

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