Innovv K3 Bike Cam Review

Innovv K3

A very short review of the Innovv K3.


October 10, 2023. Received a replacement K3 front camera, just know need to swap out the old one and send it back.

October 8, 2023. Innovv UK have agreed to send a replacement K3 front camera before receiving the faulty one back.

October 6, 2023. A replacement H5 unit has been received and is working correctly.

The front camera has failed with water ingress the first time out in any significant rain.

Upon investigation it was found that the sealing rubber was not complete, clearly an isolated manufacturing fault. Innovv (the manufacturer) agreed to replace the front camera and instructed Innovv UK (a trading name of Organise my Car Ltd, a reseller in the UK), to send out a replacement front camera. However Innovv UK were not so helpful, demanding the old camera be returned before sending out a replacement, meaning stripping the bike twice to replace it.

Front K3 Camera
Clearly shows the incomplete rubber sealing.

Rear K3 Camera
Showing how the rubber seal should be.

I have also had to return an H5 Helmet camera with a fault, this also did not go so well with Innovv UK.

Original review.

The Innovv K3 is a permanently installed 1080HD bike/dash camera, with both a forward and rear facing camera recording simultaneously.

The permanently installed cameras and other remote items are wired to module that houses the SD card, this module mounts discreetly on the bike. A power supply module also mounts discreetly and connects the battery to the unit. A wire from the power supply module connects to an ignition on source to start the unit operating shortly after the ignition is turned on. The unit can also be configured to record for a short time if disturbed whilst parked. A mobile phone app is required to configure the unit, you can also view the footage via the app.

The features of the Innovv K3 include, forward and rear facing 1080HD cameras, a handle bar mounted control and indication unit, automatic start up on ignition, switchable GPS position recording, and movement sensor in park mode.

The full features of the Innovv K3 can be view on the Innovv website.

I have mounted the Innovv K3 to a Royal Enfield Himalayan, being a single cylinder engine vibration can be a slight problem. However that said, the footage is very good. The downloading of footage to your smart phone is quite slow, if you do not want to wait for this you will need to mount the main unit in an acessable place so you can remove the SD card and transfer files directly to your computer.

Below is a short video showing how the Innovv K3 performed.

Permanently Fixed.
Automatically starts recording.
Good quality HD.
Records up to 19hours.
Park Feature.

Still suffers a little vibration.
SD card not included.
Downloading via phone a bit slow.

You could always wack on an adventure camera, but they are not much cheaper if at all, they are one directional, and you have to remember to switch them on.

I think for the price they are very good. The quality is better than portrayed on the YouTube video.

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